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Terracotta TCM SuperBrain Capsules are made with care and the highest quality medical grade Hericium Erinaceus and Ophiocordyceps extracts. All ingredients have been checked in a Laboratory and inspected by SGS Lloyds. All Terracotta products are made from medical grade extracts not powder, are 100% Vegetarian and free from Gluten, soy, wheat, Lactose, sugar, salt, preservatives and artificial colors.

Plant medicine has done wonders for humanity. For example, Penicillin, one of the most commonly used antibiotics, comes from common mold. What’s more, in the Middle Ages when Europeans sailed the world’s seas thousands of sailors perished as a disease we now know as ‘scurvy’ began to set in, their organs began to fail and their teeth would fall out.

How simply could scurvy have been prevented with the occasional glass of orange juice. Back then, a vitamin C tablet would have made the difference between life and death. The journey to health can sometimes be that simple.

100% natural – 100% effective


Hericium Eraniceus: This mushroom often has a beautiful appearance looking like a white long-haired pom pom reminiscent of a kind of extra-terrestrial super brain. You can find a lot about this wonderful mushroom online.

Ophiocordyceps sinensis: This is a fungus that lives as a parasitoid, entomopathogenic fungus in the larvae of the hop root borer. This fungus makes a fruit body that is used in herbal medicine in the mountainous areas of Nepal and Tibet.

They use a high quality medical grade extract, because the original component from Tibet currently costs around USD 30,000 per kg, the price of a jar would be otherwise almost equal to that of gold. But the effect is just as powerful.

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